Paint Wallpaper Pack
Paint wallpaper pack

Paint Wallpaper Pack

I recently released my Acrylic Paint Wallpaper Pack on Gumroad. This has been my most popular pack so far in terms of sales.

The designs are super colourful and vibrant. There are 20 wallpapers for your iPhone or Android device and 20 in a huge 5k resolution for desktop use on your Mac or PC. Of course you can also create more for your phone by cropping the larger desktop versions as you see fit.

acrylic paint wallpaper pack

I also released another pack called Canvas. This is similar in nature to the paint pack but the designs are sightly flatter, so have a look and see which you prefer. If you do purchase either pack then tag me on social media, I’d loved to see how they look on your devices.

You can check out all my other wallpaper packs on my Gumroad page.

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