Tate Modern rooftops shoot

I’d been meaning to check out the new Blavatnik Building extension at Tate Modern for a while, and finally did so last week. At the top of the building is an open-air viewing platform with fantastic 360-degree aerial views across London.

As a photographer, the open-air aspect is massively helpful for obvious reasons. Whilst you can get great views of London from the Shard building or Sky Garden, those views are from behind glass which makes life difficult.

You can’t use tripods in those other locations either, and I wasn’t sure you could here, so I just used it and nobody complained. I even ended up shooting a quick timelapse video too.

As it was a cold winter evening it wasn’t very busy when I was there either, so I doubt you could get away with using a tripod on a summer day packed with tourists.

This is a spot I will definitely return to in the future, it’s free to go there, and you get fantastic views of the River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Shard building and the City of London financial district.

4K screens up at Piccadilly Circus

The famous advertising screens at Piccadilly Circus in London were given an overhaul this year, with the all-new 4K resolution screens being unveiled last week.

I headed over there a couple of days ago and they were pretty impressive, and seriously bright. So bright that getting a decent exposure was a challenge, but I managed to get a few decent shots using my new Canon 16-35 mm L series lens, really impressed with this little baby so far.

Previously for wide-angle use I’d had the 17-40mm, which was a solid enough lens. However the 16-35mm is noticeably better, firstly it’s sharper, and secondly it’s image-stablized, which is very useful for the occasions that I don’t have a tripod with me.

New photography blog

With the launch of this new website, I’m going to embark on a personal photography blog that documents what I’m up to, and what I’m shooting.

I figured this blog could also feature a few tutorials and thoughts on my photography gear etc, but mostly I’ll try to use it to illustrate some of the general shoots that I undertake. Whether this will actually happen regularly is another matter, but that is the plan…